Healing Tools

Self Help for Healing

Here is an exercise for self help healing that I utilize in sessions with clients.  I encourage clients to participate in the healing work as practice and empowerment for personal well being.  I therefore facilitate your healing experience and witness your empowerment of healing in the present moment.

The Breath:  consciously observe your breathing and allow your awareness to focus on the details of your natural in-breath (like expanding chest, air entering nostrils) and out-breath (air moving in throat, ribs and chest contracting) .  Practice this mental following of your breath for 5 breaths  (many times a day to sharpen your breathing awareness).   By breathing and focusing on breath sensations your mind focuses on a neutral experience.   At this time make an attempt to generate feelings of kindness or acceptance for your breath.

Neutral Observation:  As you experience pain in your being attempt to breath into and observe that focused area of pain.  Gently observe the intensity of pain, the size of the area in pain, the kind of pain (sharp, dull, throbbing, aching, etc).  Do not own the pain sensation – just observe and notice as you breathe with kindness into the area.  You may observe pain as an area of your body needing and begging for your attention, awareness and focus.

Kindness and Imagery:  Imagine that pain is like a two year old having a tantrum in the middle of your living room.  The energy that would help this flailing child is unconditional love and acceptance, and there is no way you are able to hold and comfort the child while the tantrum is expressed.   So by holding the energy of love and breathing gently you are able to calm the tantrum energy without physical contact with the child.   The same for pain.  By breathing and feeling love and kindness with the pain you experience, focused neutral awareness helps release the stuck pain and allow it to change, shift and decrease.  Visually imagine the pain sensations leaving on the out-breath.  Imagine the old energy exiting from the body and returned to earth.  If the pain increases in intensity bring 100 % of your focus back to the breath and practice the 5 breath exercise.  You will notice energy releasing by the changes in pain sensations:   heat, cold, throbbing, twitches, yawning, crying and emotions are ways energy might be expressed as pain is released.   Keep breathing.

Restorative Light Energy:  When the intensity has decreased or disappeared, bathe the entire body with breath of love and golden light imagined as rinsing in and around every atom in the body.  Return your awareness to the 5 breath exercise, give thanks and hug yourself for staying present.

thanks for reading this post, Micah Dobush