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CRANIAL SACRAL THERAPY Level 1 – 45 hour Intensive

_budha_eyes1Experience the power of subtle touch. Develop listening skills that access the entire body through the central nervous system. Unlock layers of trauma in your body to allow your practice to a higher level proficiency. Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) directly addresses the connective tissue (fascia, ligaments, tendons, bone), nervous system, cerebral spinal fluid and body cavities where energy pathways flow. Trauma disrupts these pathways creating blocked energy, compensation and pain. CST is gentle, non invasive and effective at unwinding disruptions and trauma. Micah’s approach incorporates integration of the body-mind connection with somatic emotional resolution as the body releases cellular memories locked in the nervous system and connective tissues. The resulting integration and completion of healing allows the recipient freedom from cycling patterns and emotional holding. This introduction to Cranial Sacral Therapy provides hands on experience, theory, anatomy, listening and tracking palpation skills, interpreting the Cranial Rhythm Impulses, exploring tides of the body, fascial release and mobilizing cranial bones and underlying nervous system components. Open to everyone over 18 years of age with basic understanding of human anatomy and physiology and a willingness to change.

45 hours certificate of completion for continuing education
6 day intensive training  - cost $777.00

CRANIAL SACRAL THERAPY Level 2 – 45 hour Intensive

fireAn in depth exploration of the Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) techniques applied to specific body traumas and needs. This advanced course further develops the practitioner’s skills in energy reading, cranial bone palpation, facilitation of somatic clearing and integration, and dural tube release. Techniques for identifying, testing and evaluating the neural cranium and visceral cranium sutures will be practiced. You will be introduced to multiple models of cranial motion, sutural anatomy, sutural mechanics and applications in treatment of head injuries and related traumas. You will also practice vectoring and treating multiple lesions in the fascial continuum. You will learn protocol and sequencing of touch based on body response and palpation results. This course offers opportunities to apply all your bodywork skills in creating personalized sessions effective in resolving your clients multifaceted needs. Through giving and receiving this work you will experience the powerful release of blocked energies, therefore enhancing your perceptions as a therapist. Prerequisite Beginning Cranial Sacral Therapy, certification and experience as a Massage/Bodywork professional; basic understanding of human anatomy and physiology; a willingness to change

45 hours certificate of completion for continuing education
6 day intensive training  - cost $777.00 (45 hrs in 3 weekends)

CRANIAL SACRAL THERAPY for Practitioners – Part 1

abundanceAdd the power of subtle touch to you massage practice. Develop listening skills that access the entire body through the central nervous system. Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) directly addresses the connective tissue (fascia, ligaments, tendons, bone), nervous system, cerebral spinal fluid and body cavities where energy pathways flow. We will focus on energy touch and Cranial Sacral holds benefiting all people: addressing joint discomfort, cervical tension, low back pain and sciatica. Giving and receiving the gentle noninvasive touch will unlock layers of trauma in your body as well as expand your practice to a higher proficiency level. Class is open to all certified bodywork therapists; with a maximum of 22 participants so early registration encouraged.

Classes: Saturday –Sunday, 8:30am –5:30pm (15 CE hours) - Course fee: $277

CRANIAL SACRAL THERAPY for Practitioners – Part 2

This continuing course of Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) focuses on unwinding the neurocranium, addressing head and neck injuries. Learn how to access the meninges. Safely release trauma and blocked energy in the dura via gentle manipulation of the skull bones. Explore sutural anatomy and practice sutural mechanics applications. Part 2 includes a very brief review of the Diaphragm Series, Somatic Clearing and Integration techniques. This course offers opportunities to apply all your bodywork skills in creating personalized sessions effective in resolving your clients multifaceted needs. Gain direct experience through giving and receiving CST while opening to a deeper perception and awareness. This class is open to all CS Therapists wishing to review and expand their knowledge of specific cranial techniques and all certified bodywork therapists having completed Part 1 with Micah Dobush. Session homework will be assigned.

Sat Sun – 8:30 am to 5:45 pm 15 CE hours - Course Fee $277

CRANIAL SACRAL THERAPY for Practitioners – Part 3

Part three Cranial Sacral completes the Level 1 training. Addressing the visceral cranium and abdominal region includes sympathetic nervous system adrenal and kidney rebalancing along with facial bone mobilization. Techniques to access the oral cavity – palate, maxilla and vomer with indirect touch follow State guidelines which restrict direct oral contact. Oral and facial bone mobilization treats dental work trauma, face injuries, sinusitis, vision issues, TMJ disorders. Abdominal palpation and assessment, GI tract energy touch address and release chronic disorders (indigestion, irritable bowel, acid reflux, poor absorption, gall bladder issues, colitis etc.). Students are continually amazed at the profound releases occurring with this subtle touch. Spinal nerve roots and dural tube mobilization techniques are also practiced. Completion of part 1 and 2 are prerequisites. Level 1 trained Cranial Practitioners will learn new material. CS Therapists wishing to explore Micah’s teaching style are also welcome.

Sat Sun – 8:30 am to 5:45 pm 15 CE hours
Course Fee $277
Classes: Saturday – Sunday, 9:00am – 5:00pm (14 CE hours)

POLARITY THERAPY – Ayurvedic Healing Arts

design_dotsLearn a basic introduction to energy pathways of Sattva, Raja, and Tamas. Give and receive a complete Polarity session as you expand your well being to wholeness. Learn to align the chakra system while being guided through a complete session of this profound energy balancing bodywork. Empower yourself to facilitate release of blocked energy and pain, clear negative patterns and beliefs. Meditations, sounding and energy exercises begin each day. Classes are a transformational healing experience for all people seeking wellness as their natural condition. Safe and sacred facilitation of your journey is enhanced in the confidential group energy. Powerful spiritual connection to Source accommodates your individual expression and reunion with Self. Three – weekend workshops (Sattvic Session; Rajasic Session; Tree of Life Session). Sign up for any or all – no sequence requirements, repeating recommended for more profound experiences. Open to everyone 16 and older; minors need written guardian/parental permission.

Sat – Sun 9am to 5pm
Cost $222 per weekend

Micah is a Registered Polarity Educator with the American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA). She has taught Polarity workshops since 1996 and mentored with Bruce Burger MA RPE, founder of Heartwood Institute, CA. She also teaches Metaphysical Arts, Vibrational Energy Alignment®, Integrated Energy Therapy® (Master Instructor), and Reiki (Master Teacher).


chakrasA wholistic healing art for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. Transform your life while experiencing a system of complete healing and Spiritual connection. Free your energy flow and live the multi-sensory, multi-dimensional life you aspire. Polarity Therapy (created by Dr Randolph Stone) utilizes the Ayurvedic science of life, dietary education of food as medicine, Yoga traditions and awareness practices in combination with bodywork protocols. You will learn how to facilitate release of blocked energy and pain, clear negative patterns and beliefs, study wholistic dietary nutrition and empower clients with energy balancing exercises. You and your clients will foster a deeper connection with Spirit and a life long awareness of well being. 60 hours covers 40% of the study required for Associate Polarity Practicioner certification (through American Polarity Therapy Association). Theory and Basic Principles, energetic and orthodox anatomy, communication and facilitation of somatic emotional release, energetic nutrition and diet, energy postures (yoga) and professional ethics will be introduced. In depth coverage of Polarity energy touch including three bodywork protocols will be the highlight of this journey to Self-realization. Become a practiced Channel of The Source, integrate energy balancing touch into your existing modalities, and facilitate physical, emotional, psychological cellular release with body based (somatic) listening and dialoging. Study with Micah Soyka Dobush BS, RPP, Registered Polarity Educator, Cranial Sacral Educator, Reiki Master, IET Master-Instructor in a safe and sacred environment as you transform your life; learning to empower others to do the same. Prerequisites: Bodywork or counseling experience, openness to experiencing transformational energy, Spiritual awareness and emotional maturity.

60 hours certificate of completion for continuing education
7 day intensive training
cost $ 888.00

POLARITY THERAPY – Associate Polarity Practitioners (APP)

green-abundanceFirst complete the 60 hour Polarity therapy intensive training. Then continue the APP guidelines and standards set by the American Polarity Therapy Association. This 100 hr 12 day intensive is healing art for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. You will learn how to facilitate release of blocked energy and pain, clear negative patterns and beliefs, teach and empower clients with energy balancing exercises, breath awareness and energetic nutrition. You will develop skills to integrate energy balancing touch with existing modalities, create a safe and nurturing environment, and maintain presence for client cellular memory release with body based (somatic) listening and dialoging. You and your clients will foster a deeper connection with Spirit and a life long awareness of well being. Anatomy, energy anatomy and professional ethics will be covered. Giving and receiving Polarity energy touch (six additional bodywork protocols) will be the highlight of this journey to Self-realization. Esoteric Anatomy by Bruce Burger and Health Building by Dr. Stone are the course textbooks.

100 hour certificate of completion for continuing education
12 day intensive
Introduction (60 hrs) and APP (100 hrs) meets requirements for application to Applied Polarity Practitioner with the American Polarity Therapy Association
cost $ 1888.00


                  Angelic Healing Guides


angelWhat is IET

Hands on powerful yet gentle energy therapy system that gets the “issues out of you tissues”for good. The classes are both self-healing and practitioner certification training to facilitate the treatment of clients. IET (, developed by Stevan J. Thayer, uses divine angelic energy rays to work directly with your 12-Strand Spiritual DNA. This therapy can be used singularly or in conjunction with other healing arts modalities.


  • Painlessly identifies and releases your deeply suppressed feelings and core cellular memories.
  • Clears energy blocks that limit your health, life purpose, prosperity and creativity.
  • Empowers you to experience fulfilling loving relationships in all areas of your life.
  • Helps you discover and live your Soul’s mission in life.
  • Provides gentle and powerful support for trauma / abuse survivors.
  • Supports self-healing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
  • Increases your connection to the Angelic Realm and helps you work with Guidance in your life

Please visit the Integrated Energy Therapy® web site for class descriptions of these ONE DAY Classes:

Healing Angels of the Energy Field

3 hr experiential and meditation introduction to the Archangels, Heartlink with the Archangels $66

Basic IET

one day Instruction, session protocol, DNA (pairs 1+2) attunement $177

Intermediate IET

one day Instruction, session protocol, removing blocks, DNA (pairs 3+4) attunement $ 222

Advanced IET: one day Instruction, session protocol, activating Soul Star, manifesting Soul purpose and Soul cluster, advanced clearing techniques, DNA (pairs 5+6) attunement $222

IET Intensive:

This intensive covers three levels. 1. Healing Angels of the Energy Field; 2. Basic Level IET; 3. Intermediate Level IET. Through guided meditation you explore and learn to work with nine special healing Angels and their gifts. You develop techniques to clear and prepare your energy bodies, becoming more receptive to subtle experiences. You establish techniques to connect with Divine energy and practice Heartlinks with the Angels. In the Basic level you receive the first attunement activating the 1st and 2nd DNA pairs (governing the physical and emotional bodies). You will learn the location and use of the IET energy integration power points, energy anatomy, the Cellular energy map, intuitive energy reading and the sequence for a Basic IET session. The Intermediate level attunes you to the 3rd and 4th DNA pairs (governing the mental body, karmic patterning and soul’s mission). You will be empowered to energize, integrate and pull energy imprints out of the human energy field. You will practice esoterically dowsing and interpreting the human energy field as you give and receive multiple IET sessions. The final day includes a sacred journey to Mount Shasta’s spiritual portals to facilitate healing the Earth with Integrated Energy Therapy techniques.

7 days, 50 hours all workbooks included. 9am – 5:30pm
Tuition $777 plus accommodations.



spiralVibrational Energy Alignment® is an awareness practice aligning the Human being with our greater Soul being. These classes are designed to explore the mental and emotional realms and how thoughts create emotions and consequential life experiences. Increasing awareness empowers us to become Creators of our experience as human vibrations.

We begin each opportunity getting present with our emotional feeling body. Somatic Emotional Clearing is the healing art of tracking physical sensations to clear cellular memory of energy blocks. These energy blocks concretize as stress, anxiety, addictive behaviors, emotional patterns, limiting beliefs, chronic pain, dis-ease, and the many forms of resistance experienced in negativity. Releasing resistance allows us to get present with our emotions and feelings. Clarity and compassion result.

Mindfulness meditation sharpens the mind as a tool for focusing our thoughts. Meditation also awakens our insight to the expansive eternal vibration of ourselves. Liberation from limiting beliefs gives us the ability to control thoughts and feelings. Recognition of these parts of the whole being empowers us to move closer to uniting the self with the Self.

The tracking of our emotions feeds us with information about the gap between Human and Soul vibration. Moment to moment discernment of thoughts and resulting emotions generally indicates separation or attraction of these two points. We may even have the unifying experience of seeing the world through the Eyes of Source.

Classes are constructed to incrementally empower individuals to take charge of their well being. Repeating classes will deepen your practice and uncover hidden layers. Self-realization is continuous appreciation of who we are becoming. There is no final destination, only expanded awareness of creation unfolding. Namaste.

Energy Management for Soul Alignment

dragonflyhjpgDiscover how to manage your subtle energy bodies and intuitive abilities with physical and emotional observations. Awaken to the ways you are imprisoned by beliefs and negative patterning. Address addictive behaviors and life choices. Name, embrace and release habits and survival tactics to gain clarity and peace in a safe healing environment. Initiate healthy tools to thrive in the world. Open to all individuals.

  • Use the sensory gifts of the human nervous system to discover the root of suffering.
  • Apply mindfulness meditation to observe and release the cause of suffering in the body-mind.
  • Experience Somatic Emotional Clearing of cellular armoring for personal transformation and/or professional application in your Healing Art Discipline.
  • Learn Chants and Sound Toning harmonizing the energy body and open to Source.
  • Awaken your heart, intuition, inner guidance and connection to the subtle bodies.
  • Identify your full body “YES”and “NO”sensations.

DATES: Sat – Sun 10am -5pm - Tuition: $277

Energy Follows Thoughts

Develop the mind and focus your thoughts for clarity, joy and peace. Discover “who is this thinker”as we practice mindfulness meditation and conscious creation. Become aware of choices between the Mental thought realm and the Heart sensory realm. Observe the correlation of thoughts and illicit emotions. Understand the meaning of welcoming resistance and transcending habit patterns. Learn how to choose the way you feel. Open to all individuals.

  • Meditations to experience the law of impermanence.
  • Energy field clearing exercises.
  • Activate the 12 strand DNA.
  • Who am I ? Identifying the Creator within.
  • Naming and embracing resistance –advanced somatic clearing techniques.
  • Transforming negative energy, thoughts and emotions with love.
  • Directing thoughts and monitoring emotions.
  • Learn to choose thoughts and align with what you want to create.

DATES: 2008 March 1 & 2 Oahu, March 8 & 9 Kauai Sat – Sun 11am – 6pm - Tuition: $277

Soul Retrieval

Come to Mount Shasta for a spiritual retreat and Medicine Journey to retrieve and integrate the parts of your being that were dismembered and abandoned. Re-member your Self and empower your will by aligning with Divine will. Camp and trek to sacred sites on Mount Shasta for prayer and ritual. Tools of native cultures are experienced in trance inducing drumming and spirit calling sweat lodge. Walk the traditional Medicine Wheel and honor the Elements, Directions and Levels of Being.
Open to individuals who are emotionally responsible and physically capable of exertion.
6 to 10 participants, 3 nights camping (rent or bring your camping gear); 2 nights lodging

DATES: August 1 –5, 2008 - Tuition: $777 travel, food and lodging not included

Actualizing “The Secret “. . . to Happiness

Practical tools for focusing the mind and experiencing emotional alignment. The Universal Law of Attraction may be harnessed to create your heart’s desires. This course helps you reverse negative thought patterns, track your emotional state and create a path to Wisdom and Happiness. Affirmations, chants, meditations, movement and energy management tools will sharpen your mind, expand your intuition and attract positive energy into your life.
Prerequisite: Energy Management for Soul Alignment, or equivalent educational experience and approval by instructor.

  • Sharpen your mind to become the tool for success (not the master of disaster).
  • Practice Somatic Emotional Clearing and experience clarity for creating your dreams awake.
  • Open the flow of healing energy with positive thoughts and practical tools.
  • Learn the subtle awareness of emotions and how to expand and empower the feeling body.
  • Close the gap between your human and soul vibrations, live in JOY.
  • Experience the “Ultimate Well Being”as you deepen your connection to Spirit.
  • Bring images and representations of your Heart’s desires to create a Vision Board for manifestation.

DATES: Sat – Sun 10am – 5pm - Tuition: $277

World Peace Begins In You

Observe how you can empower others to choose peace without saying or doing anything. Master Vibrational Energy Alignment as you ascend into multi dimensional awareness. Realize how alignment with the ever-expanding creation of you is a full time occupation (68 seconds at a time). Enjoy the Journey and smile at the signposts along the way. Create world peace now. There is only Now.

Prerequisite: Advanced Spiritual practice

  • Free yourself from the need to control others and experience peace within.
  • Learn to maintain your vibrational alignment amidst other’s chaos.
  • Become the love and validation you seek.
  • Be the beacon by alignment with infinite Source.
  • Radiate the world of unconditional love.
  • Calibrate your field moment to moment.
  • Merge form and formless in the ever present All That Is.
  • Experience Unity Consciousness.

DATES: Sat – Sun 10am – 5pm - Tuition: $277



A powerful and simple healing art using the laying on of hands touch. The Japanese word Reiki (Rei = Universal Life Force; Ki, Ch’i = Energy) and modern symbols are derived from the Chinese characters. Dr. Mikao Usui, a Buddhist, theologian and scholar, rediscovered this ancient healing knowledge in the late 1800’s. The origin of this healing modality stems from the teachings of Gautama Buddha (620-543 BCE) and Jesus Christ (7BCE-110CE?), and may be as old as Ayurveda.

Reiki is a non-directed flow of Source energy through the practitioner to the client. The client’s willingness to receive is always honored as the highest authority. The practitioner removes self-interest by applying meditative focus on the symbols and maintaining prayer like openness to Divine energy. Reiki Sessions are usually calming and relaxing having subtle to profound outcomes. The client may receive treatments at distant locations and across time.

The knowledge I bring forth is based on the Usui Method providing instruction, passing attunements and symbols from Master to Student in three levels of training. I wish to help people use Reiki in their daily practice. I also initiate Master Instructors through an apprentice program for durations unique to each person. My hope is to empower others to teach Reiki classes on their own.

Level 1 and 2 classes may be scheduled over a three-day period. Experience Reiki magic in the magnificent violet fire energy of Mount Shasta, CA. Contact Micah to discuss costs and arrangements for providing classes in your area. Donations are accepted to the Eyes of Source Reiki Scholarship Fund and help provide money to people who cannot afford tuition.


This basic primer instructs people in healing art protocols: preparing for a session, body mechanics, creating a healing atmosphere, self healing, giving a session, channeling life force energy, ethics and etiquette of touch, cleansing effects of attunements, and healing reactions. The Reiki Principles are presented and origins of Reiki discussed. The Ayurvedic Chakra Energy anatomy is applied as a format for hand placements. The four types of touch are explored and practiced in giving and receiving Reiki. Students receive the first and second Reiki Attunements. Meditations to enhance mental focus and somatic awareness are practiced in class.

Required Text: Empowerment through Reiki, by Paula Horan

DATES: Day 1 9am –5pm 7 continuing education hours

Tuition: $111


Prerequisites are Level 1 attunement and experience as a bodyworker. Reiki Level 2 instructs people in distance healing and advanced hand positions using the Ayurvedic Chakra System and Traditional Chinese Meridian energy pathways. Students develop intuitive skills for energy reading and connecting with Guidance. Learn how to enhance Reiki sessions with sound, color, crystals, group sessions and Somatic Emotional Clearing. Build upon your existing practice by combining Reiki with other healing modalities. Students receive the third Reiki Attunement and memorize four Reiki Symbols. Students practice giving and receiving sessions in class. Many uses for Symbols are explained. Meditations and energy management practices prepare the student for Level 3.

Required Text: Empowerment through Reiki by, Paula Horan

DATES: Day 1 10am –5pm, Day 2 9am –4pm 12 continuing education hours

Tuition: $222

REIKI LEVEL 3 Master / Instructor Training

Prerequisites are Level 1 & 2 training and attunements (from any teacher) and a desire to share Reiki with others. Master Instructor Training and attunements will deepen students’personal practice, enhance other healing professions and clear blocked energy at the spiritual level of awareness. Master Symbols and Attunements are given. Meditations and Ki exercises for passing attunements are shown and practiced. Students repeatedly practice giving each other attunements (all levels of attunements are expanded in each person). Some students may wish to continue with a teaching apprenticeship until they feel comfortable offering their own classes.

Required Text: Essential Reiki by Diane Stein

DATES: Day 1 10am –5pm 7 continuing education hours

Tuition: $333

Apprenticeship: Teaching Assistant at Level 1, 2 and 3 classes (ongoing) Tuition $111